SIRVENT ALMENDRAS S.A., wishes and undertakes to carry out their activities pursuant to principles of sustainable development and contamination prevention, guaranteeing compliance with applicable environmental regulations.

This environmental protection undertaking has been carried out since commencement of their activities applying little contaminating technologies, replacing those although not yet obsolescent which involved environment damaging systems, thereby facilitating integration of the environment variable in their management, organisation and strategy so this tool would become an innovation element leading to competitive growth and one which was respectful with the environment and balanced.

We assume an unavoidable sustainability undertaking in our industrial activity defined by initiatives related to energy saving, water treatment likewise waste minimisation and revaluation.


For a clean energy

Sirvent Almendras S.A. has opted for renewable energies, and become socially aware of climate change, progressive exhaustion of fossil fuel stocks not to mention oil price increase and have decided to do our little bit by investing directly in this kind o green energy.

Consequently on the two south faces of our bay roof in the Polígono Industrial Segorb we have installed a solar photovoltaic power station connected to a Mains of 96 Kwh, whose aim is to generate electricity using the luminic radiation of the Sun. Therefore, the installation is of great social interest by generating clean energy and contributing to sustainable development so necessary in these times.


Our commitment with the environment

As we all know today, water is a precious natural resource and scarce throughout all our continents, where the current trend is that within a few decades, two out of three people will not have enough. For this reason as part of the community we are investing in appropriate equipment for efficient competitive use of water; and are the first company in the sector which has been able to notably reduce consumption through innovation.

With this Technological Innovation project partially financed by C.D.T.I., Sirvent Almendras S.A. has managed to meet several environmental targets. Among those worthy of mention: minimisation of waste water spills from production processes, almost totally reducing them, in addition to important water consumption saving in the internal industrial processes.