At Sirvent Almendras S.A we know the quality es the best guarantee of customer loyalty.

To guarantee the quality of our products we have with extensive cutting-edge technology:
  • Optical automatic selectors with InGaAs technology.
  • High-density scanning device for the detection of metals, crystals, stones and plastics.
  • Continuous NIR (near infrared) moisture meters.
  • Internal laboratory for the verification of control systems.
  • And an RFID computer system to guarantee the traceability of our products.

Sirvent Almendras S.A works under a food quality and safety protocol that allows us to detect, identify and control possible dangers in our food production chain.

                            “Effort, perseverance and commitment”.


Sirvent Almendra S.A has the following certifications:

             - IFS 
             - CAECV
             - Kosher