D. José Sirvent Nicolau, reaches an agreement with Felipe Fort to supply blanched almonds , undertaking the difficult task of assembling a small almond huller and a peeling machine.


After years of working and discovering new ways in the sale of almonds and honey throughout Spain , Jose Sirvent died in 1950 are transferred power to his eldest son, Jose Sirvent Peral, just aged 16.


After a first extension in 1965 , in 1992 an extension of 8000 m2 is produced . This growth was also accompanied by constant innovation and development in all production processes.


After the death of D. Francisco Sirvent , it gives way to the entry of the third generation.


Today we continue to work with the same values that have always characterized us , that is, commitment, flexibility, innovation and reliability.
Sirvent Almendras, S.A